Greatest hits album by Selena
Released 1998
Recorded 1980s-1990s
Genre Latin pop
Length ??-??
Label EMI Latin
Producer A.B. Quintanilla III
Selena albums chronology
All My Hits Vol. 1

Anthology is a three-disc/three-cassette box set that provides a comprehensive overview of Selena's brief career. The set is divided into three parts—a disc of mariachi, a disc of cumbia and a disc of pop recordings, many of which are in English. Most but not all are either Remix, Club Remix, or different style, and version of all songs listed here.

Track listingEdit

  1. Always Mine (Remix)
  2. No Quiero Saber (Remix)
  3. Dont Throw Away My Love (Unreleased Track; Remix of "My Love")
  4. La Bamba (remix)
  5. I'm Getting Used To You (Club Remix)
  6. Yo Fui Aquella (Remix)
  7. Captive Heart
  8. Amame (Remix)
  9. Missing My Baby
  10. Disco Medley (Full; Club Remix)


  1. Ramalazo
  2. Dame Tu Amor
  3. Pa'Que Me Sirve La Vida
  4. Differentes
  5. Siempre Hace Frio
  6. Que Creias
  7. Quiero Estar Contigo
  8. Rama Caida
  9. Sabes
  10. Tu Solo Tu


  1. Yo Te Dare
  2. La Puerta Se Cerro
  3. Corazoncito
  4. Enamorada de Tí
  5. No Debes Jugar
  6. Carino Mio
  7. Salta La Ranita
  8. Te Amo Solo A Ti
  9. La Llamada
  10. Baila Esta Cumbia

Cassette ReleasedEdit

The Cassette of "Anthology" was released the same day as the Box Set. Unlike the Box Set; the Cassette only had a handful of some picked songs not all.

Promotional singlesEdit


Two single-disc CDs were released as EPs for the album, Anthology. Such songs are geared to their musical styles, such as Pop which includes most of this album's Pop songs. The second EP, Rancheras, includes most of this album's Cumbia and Mariachi songs.

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