Christopher Gilbert "Chris" Pérez (born August 14, 1969) is a American guitarist and the widower of "The Queen of Tejano music" Selena. They got eloped behind her father's back on April 2 1992. The couple shared their life together on and off stage. They had gone through a rough patch but were united stronger than ever. They were planning to start a family together the day before she died. Chris never got over his wife's death and wrote a song for her called Best I can. He later wrote a book called To Selena, with love which he had described as therapeutic. The book illustrates the love they shared and the times they spent together . It also shows that no matter the amount of time that passes, Selena will always be a part of him. Today, Perez is a divorced father with two kids and has formed a band with his friend Carlito Miranda. He still posts about his wife but has admit that the memories have become sweet now rather than the source of pain it used to be .