Dreaming of You
Studio album by Selena
Released 1995
Recorded 1980s-1990s
Genre Latin pop
Length ??-??
Label EMI Latin
Producer A.B. Quintanilla III
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Las Reinas del Pueblo
Dreaming of You
Grandes Exitos

Dreaming Of You, is the seventh and final studio album by Latin superstar Selena, released on July 18, 1995. The album was intended to showcase Selena, as a solo International English pop singer. Selena was signed to SBK Records in 1993, to record an all English-language album. Sadly, she was murdered before she finished recording the album. Dreaming of You enlisted as a double album, which has both English and Spanish songs.


Selena was signed by CAPITOL/EMI Latin President Jose Behar, who originally signed Selena, because he wanted her to crossover to the English market, in 1989, but the head of the company declined his offer, and requested that Selena record more Spanish-language albums, in order to build a larger fanbase. Before singing to CAPITOL/EMI Latin, Selena recorded three songs, "Where Did The Feeling Go," "Is It The Beat," and "Only Love." In 1992, Selena began telling her fans, that she would be recording an English-language album, soon. In 1993, however, Selena was still unable to record the album, and she later collapsed, under pressure from the press, as well as fans, demanding answers about the release date. Later that year, Jose Behar, upset about the delay, went to the record executives, at CAPITOL/EMI, and told them that if Selena didn't get signed for a crossover English album, that Selena would walk, and find another record company. Selena was then signed to SBK Records. She began recording her first track, "I Could Fall in Love," in late 1994, and finished the track, later that year. Selena then began recording the track, "God's Child (Baila Conmigo)" a duet with David Byrne, in January of 1995. In February 1995, Selena recorded "Captive Heart." She also recorded another track, called "I'm Getting Used To You," that same month. Selena was only allowed, to choose one track she wanted to record, and that track was "Dreaming Of You." She began recording it in February 1995, and finished recording it, in March. By late March, Selena's schedule was so hectic, that Selena couldn't afford to be late getting to the studio, so it was highly likely that Selena was going to be late, to record another track called "Oh No (I'll Never Fall In Love," on the morning of March 31, 1995. Selena was due to show up at 11 A.M. As time passed by, however, there was still no sign of Selena. Given her nature of being late, no-one thought much of it, until the studio received a phone call from the Corpus Christi Hospital, asking Abraham Quintanilla, Jr. to come to the Emergency room. Abraham, initially thought his daughter was in a car accident, but when he got there, was devestated to learn, that Selena had been shot, and as a result, died from her injuries. After Selena's death, the song "Baby, I'm In Heaven," another track Selena was to record, was given to Rebbie Jackson instead. A clip of Selena, singing the chorus to the song "Oh No (I'll Never Fall In Love) acapella, can be seen on an episode of the TV Show "Control." Selena's brother A.B. Quintanilla, III, would later record a spanish cumbia version of the song, on his debut album in 1999, with his band "Kumbia Kings." Keith Thomas, who wrote "I Could Fall In Love," made an appearance on the A&E series "Biography," and spoke of a track called "If You Only Knew," that he was working on for Selena, but hadn't finished. Her album, was intended to have fourteen tracks, and was planned on being released, that summer. Music videos, were also being planned, as well as remixes to planned singles. More tracks, were also being produced for this Tejano sensation, known simply as Selena, who died before realizing her dream, of crossing over into the English-language market.


20 Years Of MusicEdit


# Title Length Writer(s) Featured Guest(s)
1 I Could Fall In Love 4:42 Keith Thomas Trey Lorenz
2 Captive Heart 4:23 Kit Haien
3 I'm Getting Used To You 4:02 Diane Warren
4 God's Child (Baila Conmigo) 4:14 David Byrne
5 Dreaming Of You 5:14 Keith Thomas
6 Missing My Baby 4:12 Abraham Quintanilla III Full Force
7 Amor Prohibido 2:54 Abraham Quantanilla III, Selena Quintanilla-Perez
8 Wherever You Are (Dondequiera Que Estes) 4:28 K.C Porter Barrio Boyzz
9 Techno Cumbia 4:43 Abraham Quintanilla III
10 El Toro Relajo 2:18 Mariachi Sol De Mexico
11 Como La Flor 3:03 Abraham Quintanilla III
12 Tu Solo Tu 3:11 Mariachi Sol De Mexico
13 Bidi Bidi Bom Bom 3:40 Abraham Quintanilla III, Selena Quintanilla-Perez
14 Sukiyaki (Japanese Bonus Track) 2:59

2002 Bonus TracksEdit

# Title Length Writer(s) Featured Guest(s)

Album CreditsEdit

  • Michael Aarvold – mixing assistant
  • Marc Antoine – guitar
  • Suzette Quintanilla Arriaga – drums
  • Jose Behar – art direction
  • Michael Brauer – mixing
  • Nancy Brennan – A&R
  • David Byrne – bass, guitar, percussion, harmonium, vocals, producer
  • Margo Chase – package design
  • Desmond Child – translation
  • Tim Conklin – engineer
  • Luis Conte – percussion
  • Mike Corbett – assistant engineer
  • Donna De Lory – backing vocals
  • Delphine – producer, synthesizer programming
  • Full Force – arranger, producer, remixing, mixing, arrangement collaboration
  • Dan Garcia – engineer
  • Gary Grant – horn
  • María Mendez Grever – translation
  • Mic Guzwaski – mixing
  • Mark Hammond – producer, drum programming
  • Cal Harris, Jr. – assistant engineer
  • Jose Hernandez – arranger, producer
  • Manuel Hernandez – translation
  • Jerry Hey – horn
  • Dan Higgens – horn
  • Dann Huff – guitar
  • Brian Hunt – package design
  • Barbie Insua – art direction
  • Christian Köhler – computer editing
  • Rhett Lawrence – synthesizer, arranger, drums, programming, producer
  • Leroc – producer
  • Arto Lindsay – producer
  • Trey Lorenz – backing vocals
  • Mario Lucy – engineer
  • Kurt Lundvall – assistant engineer
  • Mariachi Sol de Mexico – backing vocals
  • Art Meza – percussion, producer
  • Bill Molina – digital editing
  • Brian "Red" Moore – engineer, liner notes, mixing
  • Todd Moore – production coordination
  • Nick Moroch – guitar
  • Valerie Naranjo – marimba
  • Joe Ojeda – keyboards
  • Guillermo J. Page – reissue producer
  • Tony Peluso – mixing
  • Chris Pérez – guitar
  • Jorge Alberto Pino – executive producer
  • K.C. Porter – producer, engineer
  • Abraham Quintanilla III – arranger, producer
  • Suzette Quintanilla – liner notes
  • R.E.D. – engineer
  • Bill Reichenbach Jr. – horn
  • Maurice Rinaldi – photography
  • Bruce Robb – engineer
  • Guy Roche – synthesizer, keyboards, programming, producer, drum programming
  • Susan Rogers – producer, engineer
  • Selena – vocals, backing vocals, translation
  • Nir Seroussi – liner notes
  • Tommy Sims – bass
  • Joanie Smith – production coordination
  • Paul Socolow – bass
  • Neil Stubenhaus – bass
  • Moana Suchard – engineer, assistant engineer
  • Perry Tembelis – assistant engineer
  • Keith Thomas – synthesizer, arranger, producer, programmed bass
  • Todd Turkisher – drums
  • Ricky "He's Allright" Vela – keyboards, drum programming, keyboard assistant
  • Ricky Vela – keyboards, producer
  • Gregg Vickers – concept
  • Bill Whittington – engineer, mixing


# Title Additional Info
1 I Could Fall In Love 1995
2 Tu Solo Tu 1995
3 Dreaming Of You 1995
4 Techno Cumbia 1995
5 El Toro Relajo 1995
6 I'm Getting Used To You 1995
7 Captive Heart Canada
8 God's Child (Baila Conmigo) USA
9 Sukiyaki Japan

Awards & CertificationsEdit

Note: Certifications are based on the number of shipped copies and not the number of copies sold.

Country/Region Certification
Canada Gold
Europe 3x Platinum
Mexico 4x Diamond
Philippines Gold
United States 4x Platinum

Chart ToppersEdit


Year Chart Position Sales
1995 Billboard 200 1 1,620,800


Release HistoryEdit

  • U.S.A (July 18, 1995)
  • Japan (August 1995)
  • Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Malaysia
  • Canada
  • Mexico

Dreaming Of You Sayings In Different CountriesEdit

Countires Saying Language English Translation Released
Albania Ëndërroja ju Albanian Dreaming of You Unknown
Armenia ես սիրում եմ քեզ Armenian Dreaming of You Unknown
Australia Dreaming of You English Dreaming of You Yes
Austria Ich träume von dir German I Dream of You Unknown
Bangladesh ৎক কঁ Bengali Dreaming You (no "of" found) Unknown
Barbados Muh um wunna Bajan Thinking is You Unknown
Belgium Dromen van je Dutch Dreaming of You Unknown
Brazil Estou sonhando com você Portugese Dreaming of You Yes
Burma ငါ တောင်းပန် Burmanese I, Dream of You Unknown
Canada Dreaming of You English Dreaming of You Yes (1995)
China 我梦想着你 Chinese Dreaming of You Yes
Czech Republic Sní o vás Czech Dreaming of You Unknown
Denmark Drømmer om dig Danish Dreaming of You Unknown
Ecuador Wasi Aup De Tu Quechua Dreaming of You Yes (1995)
Egypt أنا كنت أحلم Egyptian I am Dreaming of You Unknown
Ethiopia ዱe ä ሚ ሆ ዮO Ethipoian Dreams of You Unknown
Fiji ndʒid reid j Fijian Dreaming of You Unknown
France Je reve d'y Vous French I Dream To You Yes
Germany Träumerei von Ihnen German Daydreaming of You
Greece Είμαι ονειρεύεται σας Greek I'm Dreaming of You Unknown
India आप का सपना देख Hindi Dreaming of You Unknown
Iran رویای شما Persian Dreaming of You Unknown
Iraq كنت أحلم Arabic Dreaming of You Unknown
Israel חולם עלייך Hebrew Dreaming soly upon You Unknown
Italy Sto sognando di te Italain I'm Dreaming of You Unknown
Japan 私があなたの夢を見て Japanese I'm Dreaming of You Yes (1995)
Korea 난 당신의 꿈 Korean Dreaming of You Yes (1995)
Malaysia Aku bermimpi daripada anda Mala I Dream of You Yes (1995)
Mexico Soñando Con Tu Spanish Dreaming of You Yes (1995)
Nepal यो यहाँ हुनुहन्छ Nepali Dreams to/of You Unknown
Netherlands Dromen van je Dutch Dreaming of You Yes
Nigeria Kamar mafarki Hausa Dreaming of You Unknown
Norway Jeg drømmer om deg Norwein I Dream About You Unknown
Pakistan اپ کے خواب دیکھ Urdu Dreaming of You Unknown
Philippines Dreaming sa inyo Filipino Dreaming of You Unknown
South Africa Drome van jou Afrikaans Dreaming of You Unknown
Thailand ฉัน ฝัน ของ คุณ Thai I Dream of You Yes
United Kingdom Dreaming of You English Dreaming of You Yes (1995)
United States Dreaming of You English Dreaming of You Yes (July 18, 1995)
Vietnam Tôi mơ ước của bạn Vietnamese I Dream of You Unknown
Taiwan 梦见你 Taiwanese Dreaming about You Yes

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