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Released Mar. 27, 2001, 2004
Length N/A
Label Q-Productions, Q-Zone Records
Produced by Abraham Quintanilla
File:Selena and lostresreyes.jpg

"El Retorno De Los Tres Reyes," is an album released by Q-Zone records, in 2001, for Los Tres Reyes. The album features a posthumous duet of No Me Queda Mas, with Selena. The album was re-released in 2004, with a different cover, and included a computer friendly version, of the music video for No Me Queda Mas, with Selena. The album, was also re-released again, with another new cover.


# Title Length Writer(s) Featured Guest(s)
1 No Me Queda Mas [[]] [[]]
2 La Revancha [[]] [[]]
3 Amor Perfecto [[]] [[]]
4 Como Un Bolero [[]] [[]]
5 Camino De La Vida [[]] [[]]
6 Perdoname Conciencia [[]] [[]]
7 Recuerdo A Los Panchos / Contigo / Caminemos / No Me Quieras Tanto / Los Dos [[]] [[]]
8 Por Si Acaso Me Recuerdas [[]] [[]]
9 Olvidame (Risque) [[]] [[]]
10 Yo Tengo Una Novia [[]] [[]]
11 Mujeres Divinas [[]] [[]]
12 Triangulo [[]] [[]]
13 No Me Queda Mas [[]] Selena

2004 Bonus TrackEdit

# Title Length Writer(s) Featured Guest(s)

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