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"Estoy Contigo" (in English, I'm with You) was the fourth out of ten promotional singles that was released from the band Selena y Los Dinos in 1983. "Estoy Contigo" was played all over Texas radio stations and was seen as a hit song. In 1983, AB Quintanilla III, Selena's brother, wrote the song during the winter of 1982 when Selena was 11 years old; however, AB wasn't a record producer at the time and showed the song to his father, who at first didn't want the song to be on the album, but with a tight budget, Selena's father allowed her to record the song in her second album and first album from "Cara Records" in 1985[1]. In 1990, Selena re-recorded "Estoy Contigo" for her greatest hits album, Mis Primeros Exitos, with different styles[2]. "Estoy Contigo" is very popular among Selena's fans. "Estoy Contigo" is the first known song that was created by Selena's brother AB Quintanilla III.[3]


These albums that are listed here have enlisted the song Estoy Contigo.

  • Mis Primeros Exitos: This album contains the new updated re-recorded version of "Estoy Contigo" that was recorded a few months before Selena released this album in 1990.[4].
  • Mis Primeros Exitos: A re-issue that had added spoken liner notes from the band and family, bouns songs, and sometimes music videos. This album was released in 2002[5].



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