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"God's Child (Baila Conmigo)" (Template:Lang-en) is a duet written by David Byrne and Selena[1], for her crossover album, Dreaming of You[2], released on July 18, 1995. The single, however, was released in Canada[2] as a promotional two-track single on August 8, 1995. The single had heavy airplay in Canada,[citation needed] that producers released the single.

Background informationEdit

Template:Unreferenced In the early weeks of February 1995, songwriter David Byrne asked Selena to record either a bilingual or English version of the song he wrote (with help of Selena). Selena recorded both versions of the song, which was later determined by EMI Latin to choose from. The record company, SBK Records took charge and added the bilingual version of the song for her album. Selena was killed on March 31, 1995, and several months later, the album she been working on for her crossover tour and also for her to be introduced in the "Anglo pop" world, was released. The song had heavy airplay in Canada, which made EMI Latin decide to release it as a single.

Byrne claims the song is about "two young transvestites" who used to live in his neighbourhood in New York City.

Track listingsEdit

Canada single
  1. God's Child (Baila Conmigo) - 4:16
  2. God's Child (Radio Edit) - 4:22

Music videoEdit

An unreleased music video was officially given to the public by EMI Latin in 2007. The music video is seen with David Byrne playing the song during his tour in 2006, then when Selena's part comes on her Monterrey, Mexico tour is being the forefront, since the music video was done after her death.

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