"Is It the Beat?" is a freestyle pop song which was written by Pamela Phillips Oland & [[A.B. Quintanilla III|A.B. Quintanilla III
Selena-Is It The Beat (Cd Single)-Frontal
]] that was recorded in 1989 by Tejano singer Selena. The song was not released until after her death on March 31, 1995, when it was included on the soundtrack album to the film, Selena.[1] The song was intended to be part of Selena's first English-language album, Dreaming of You or was going to still be an unreleased song. "Is It the Beat?" was released as a CD single and 7" vinyl single. The "Disco Medley Part II" was included as the B-side as an extended mix. The Spanish hit song, "Enamorada de Tí", also by Selena, is thought to be the "Spanish" version of "Is It the Beat?".


Versions of the song after its release in 1997, stormed after playing on national radio stations. The original version which has a freestyle beat to it and also has elements of "Enamorada de Tí" another freestyle song that from the success of "Is it the Beat?" helped create "Enamorada de Tí". The remix version that is the most popular and known version that was enlisted on the Selena soundtrack was remixed for the album and movie to promote and inform people that a native Mexican-American singer can sing an English song.

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