Selena is an American Tejano, pop music singer. Her first concert tour was in North America, where she performed in more than 25 cities during the 1980s. Selena's tours all started in Texas, where she was born and raised in, her father, Abraham Quintanilla Jr, formed the band Selena y Los Dinos and soon after the formation, they began touring in the state of Texas to get more recognition. Selena's biggest 1980s tour was in South Texas where she performed her songs and covers from other artists. By the 1990s, Selena began touring worldwide including Mexico and South America.

In 1990, she began the Ven Conmigo Live Tour, which she visited North America and South America. Each year, Selena's tours began to be more popular and as an result, Selena began breaking worldwide records for attendance. Selena's tours are estimated, by Latin Magazines in North/South America to be, $40–$50 million US Dollars.


Year Title Duration Number of
1990–1992 Ven Conmigo Live Tour July 1990 – May 1992 (North America)
Her first tour began on July 20(?), 1990 at the Johnny Canales Show. During the 1990 concerts, Quintanilla sang a number of cover versions by well-known artists. After the summer of 1990, Selena began touring in the South States of America.
1992–1993 Entre A Mi Mundo Tour August 1992 – November 1992 (North America)
November 1992 – January 1993 (Mexico)
January–March 1993(South America)
The tour was more elaborate than her previous tours and included pyrotechnics and other special effects. As a result for her album Entre a Mi Mundo which contain Selena's first song to chart #1 on Billboard Magazine, Como La Flor, became Selena's ticket to tour in Mexico and South America where she was appreciated even more as an entertainer.
1993–1994 Selena Live! Tour 7 February 1993 - 4 January 1994(North America)
20 January 1994 (Mexico)
January 1994(South America)
The tour became a success for Selena who won her first Grammy Award for her album Live! in 1993[1]. Selena began singing her own songs more than what she normally would when she sang cover songs in her[1].
1994–1995 Amor Prohibido Tour February 1994 – March 19, 1995 (North America)
March 1994 – 14 October 1994 (South America)
March–November 1994 (Mexico)
Selena released her last studio album Amor Prohibido on 22 March, 1994[2]. Selena then began touring in more places such as Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, and South America, where she began to be more popular[2].
1995 Cancelled Crossover Tour -(North America)
-(South America)
The crossover Tour was to begin in August 1995, several weeks after Selena's crossover album was to be released. Selena was going to tour in Europe, Asia, and other international countries. Selena was killed on March 31, 1995 by the president of the Selena Fan Club. Selena only recorded four out of fourteen tracks that was to promise a dream that she once had as a young little girl playing in street corners in Texas. The album, Selena, was working on was released in over 39 countries where Selena was going to tour in. The album, Dreaming of You sold 175,000 copies the first day, it later would top over 4,000,000 copies.


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