Siempre hace frio promo

Oh Mama was released as a promotional single from the band Selena y Los Dinos in 1985. Oh Mama was the ninth out of ten singles that was released from the album The New Girl in Town. "Oh Mama" gave Selena much success that she appeared on the "Johnny Canales Show" and sang most of all her songs from The New Girl in Town and stood on the show until her death. "Oh Mama" became so famous that the song became a hit to other artists that later sung the song.

Despite being one of her more popular early offerings, the song is not available on any of Selena's albums, and is extremely rare. It is unlikely that the song will be made officially available by EMI Latin, Selena's label of record at the time of her death.


  • Earl Hooker was the first known artist who recorded "Oh Mama". Hooker recorded "Oh Mama" for his album Leading Brand that was released on January 1, 1978[1].
  • Pablo Ruiz recorded his version of "Oh Mama" for his 1987 album Un Angel
  • Anders Osborne recorded "Oh Mama" for their album Live at Tipitina's on April 21, 1998[2]
  • Giorgio Gaber recorded "Oh Mama" in 2006[3]
  • La Bandita de Durango recorded their version of "Oh Mama" for their debut album La Bandita de Durango in 2007[4]. This version is the "male version".
  • Honeyhoney recorded the English version of "Oh Mama" for their album First Rodeo in 2008[5]
  • Basia recorded her version of "Oh Mama" for her album It's That Girl Again on March 24, 2009[6]


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