Selena Y Los Dinos
Released 1988
Recorded 1988
Length N/A
Label RP Productions
Produced by Manny Guerra

Preciosa (English: Precious) is the sixth album released by Selena Y Los Dinos, in 1988. At this point, Selena's albums began selling up to 20,000 copies. During that same year, she was the finalist for "Female Vocalist of the Year," while the song "Terco Corazon," was nominated for "Single of the Year," and A.B. Quintanilla, III was nominated for "Songwriter of the Year," at the Tejano Music Awards.


# Title Length Writer(s) Featured Guest(s)
1 Terco Corazon Abraham Quintanilla, III
2 Cien Anos Fuentes Cervantes
3 Siempre Juan Gabriel
4 Quiero Abraham Quintanilla, III
5 Sabes Ricky Vela
6 Quiero Estar Contigo Abraham Quintanilla, III
7 Como Te Quiero Ricky Vela
8 Yo Fui Aquella Abraham Quintanilla, III
9 Como Quisiera Abraham Quintanilla, III & Ricky Vela
10 Carino Mio Ricky Vela


  1. Terco Corazon/Quiero (Promotional)
  2. Quiero Estar Contigo (Promotional)
  3. Yo Fui Aquella/Como Quisiera (Promotional)


  • "Preciosa" was Selena's nickname.

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