This is the official rules and guidelines for the Fans Corner. Please follow these rules so everyone can enjoy each other's comments and presents. Fans who violate any rule will be warned by an administration and if happened again may face being blocked temporarily or indefinitely.

Here at Fans Corner, fans like yourself can learn about exciting Selena facts that you may not know about, witness Selena history, interact with other fans and also participate in free giveaways!

When you are at the Fans Corner:

  • Please do not post hate messages/comments of any sort. These comments will be removed and you might face being blocked from editing on Selena Wikipedia.
  • Do not post information and/or other information that are not related to Selena and the reason why you are a fan.
  • Fans Corner is not a hookup site. Please do not treat it as one.
  • Please be a friendly person. Do not engage in hostile manners with one another, simply notify an admin if you feel attacked in anyway.

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