This page in a nutshell. This means that it is comprehensively, omitting no important details in favor of common-sense summaries. without detailed explanations, reasons-why, history, examples, redundancies, and so on. It describes what editors should and should not do.

Please read carefully the guidelines and rules regarding on the criteria for selected articles. Before nominating the article, please make sure the following meets our criteria.

Criteria Edit

Main articles Edit

A selected article..

  1. Must be broad in its coverage. (stubs and short-class articles that have very little content in them are unacceptable. Articles that are lengthy must have all the major aspects mentioned.)
  2. Cannot have less then 16,000 bytes (not including templates.)
  3. Must have a flow. (articles needs to present what the topic is about without being biased.)
  4. Must follow all rules at WP:RULES.
  5. Needs to be understandable. (don't use basic English, prose must be engaging. Make sure the article does not have grammar or prose errors.)
  6. Had went through a review. (Before submitting any article up for nomination, it must go through a complete peer review. Having critical feedback will enhance the article further.)
  7. Has gone through a few revisions. (no one writes perfect articles.)
  8. Should have no redlinks. (a redlink is a link that is in red and does not yet have an article.)

Lists articles Edit

  1. Must follow the same rules mentioned above.
  2. Discographies should be formatted as such.
  3. Lists about songs should flow from A-Z.
  4. Lists about concerts, awards and other lists must have table templates.
  5. Lists must have a lead, similar to main articles, and add major aspects of the lists.

See also Edit

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