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Welcome Edit

Hello, my name is Jonathan and a couple of Selena fans have come together to help build a comprehensive website where anyone (including Selena fans) can help create articles based on Selena. At our website, you can create new pages, edit currently existing pages, and upload free images. At Selena Wikipedia, you can receive help from administrations or you can get your articles "peer reviewed" (a place where you can get your article reviewed by English-language fans and get positive feedback on what needs to be fix.)

We are in dying need of fans to help expand our articles with content and create more articles such as songs, albums, and other noteworthy pages at our Wiki. Great jobs results in awards and recognition. You can get "barnstars" for your hard work! You can also nominate your articles for what we call "featured article" (FA) status or "good article" (GA) status. Your work can be seen by millions of other people around the world! At our wikipedia we are here to help!

So do you want to join our growing number of fans who contribute to our website? If so please follow these simple instructions. (1) please register for an account, its aboustly free and 100% confidential. You are registering for an account at (2) please read our rules and guidelines (3) if you are not sure how to edit or create a page please visit our help page for further instructions (4) search around and find articles you would like to expand or create! This is a community website for Selena, please be nice and don't vandalize any article. Once you are done registering, please add your username here!

One More Thing To Note Edit

Once you are done with all the steps, please go to your "my preferences" section located at the top right corner of this page. Now, please scroll down to the section "Site layouts", choose "MonoBook" and click save at the bottom. We want our editors to experience the best quality of our Wikipedia. If you are still needing help, don't worry! Please contact an admin or please go to this talk page located at "discussion" and create a new section and please state your problems. Thank you