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The Selena Live! Tour was the second concert tour by the late popular Latin-American singer, Selena.

About the tourEdit

The Selena Live! Tour was the second concert tour from Selena and her band "The Dinos". The tour was the more successful than their previous "Entre A Mi Mundo Tour". They performed in more places than ever before. The tour began in Corpus Christi, Texas on February 7, 1993 until January 4, 1994 in Houston, Texas. During the tour, Selena was recording a new album titled Amor Prohibido, which would be released the following year. Also while on this tour, she was signed to record her first English language album.[1]

Set listEdit

  1. "Intro"
  2. "Como La Flor"
  3. "Baila Esta Cumbia"
  4. "Siempre Estoy Pensando en Ti"
  5. "Ven Conmigo"
  6. "Perdóname" (performed by Pete Astudillo)
  7. "Que Creias"
  8. "Si la Quieres"
  9. "Porque Le Gusta Bailar Cumbia" (performed by Pete Astudillo)
  10. "La Carcacha"
  11. "Besitos"
  12. "Ya Ves"
  13. "Las Cadenas"
  14. "Yo Te Amo"
  15. "No Debes Jugar"
  16. "La Llamada"

The setlist for the tour was changed various times, but always began with "Como La Flor", followed by "Baila Esta Cumbia". There were many songs that were performed that were requested by fans, such as "No Quiero Saber", "Missing My Baby", "Buenos Amigos", and "Sukiyaki". On the final show of the tour, Selena performed her brand new song "Amor Prohibido", which would be released as a single a month later.

The first concert performed on February 7, 1993 was recorded and released as an album called "Selena Live!". The album included the full concert from that night and three new studio tracks. In 1994, Selena took home the Grammy award for "Best Mexican American Album".

Concert DatesEdit

Date City Country Venue
Tour Dates
February 7, 1993 Corpus Christi United States Memorial Coliseum
February 28, 1993 Houston United States Houston Astrodome
March 13, 1993 San Antonio United States Coliseum Ballroom
January 4, 1994 Houston United States Houston Astrodome
January 20, 1994 Feria de Monterrey Mexico Teatro del Pueblo


  • Vocals: Selena
  • Set Designer: Abraham Quintanilla Jr.
  • Choreographed / Staged by: Selena, Pete Astudillo
  • Keyboards: Ricky Vela
  • Drums: Suzette Quintanilla, Arturo Meza
  • Bass: A.B. Quintanilla III
  • Guitars: Chris Perez
  • Personal Management: Abraham Quintanilla Jr.