This page will let you know which class your article falls on.

Class Edit

  • SA-Class: Are articles that are our best works! They are nominated and reviewed by editors. Once they are promoted to this class, these "selected articles", will have a chance to be seen on the main page for everyone to see.
  • GA-class: Are articles that are "good articles" but could be made better. These articles are also nominated and reviewed by editors. However, they will not be on the main page because they do not exemplify our best work.
  • A-Class: Are articles whose prose is understandable, readable, and can be read comfortably. However, they may be a few issues with the article in regards to its content, minor issues which can be fixed by nominating the article at WP:PR.
  • B-Class: Are articles whose content is at its near-fullest and does not miss any major facts. The article may have a number of minor issues in regards to prose, text flow, readability, and content dispute.
  • C-Class: Are articles who are in a "okay" shape. They have basic information in regards to the article but may have a lot of major issues in regards to prose, text flow, readability, content dispute, fan cruft, and speculations.
  • Start-Class: Are articles who are not too short but can be made bigger.
  • Stub-Class: Are articles who are very small in regards to content. These articles need wiliness editors to expand them with content.

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