Here we decide weather or not nominated Selena articles meet our criteria for good article status. Please nominate articles here, add new requests to the top of the list at its appropriate section.

Remember to stay calm and accept critical feedback. You cannot vote weather or not any article you nominated is a GA status. However, you can vote and give critical feedback to other nominated articles. Please be nice and be professional as possible. If you need guidance or help, please see the talk page where admins are ready to answer any questions. Good luck!

To delegates; please place {{doing}} when reviewing an article, at the bottom of the nominator's username. Place {{done}} after you have reviewed the article and gave critical feedback, please advise the nominator on their talk page with the correct templates. Also remember to use Support (you believe the article meets out criteria), Oppose (you believe the article does not meet our criteria) and Comment (you are neutral about the article and are not sure if the article meets our criteria).

Good Article Nominations Edit

add new requests to the top of the list. Add # then add the article's name(s) and tell us why you believe your article should be a GA.

Article name Edit

Older requests for Good Article status Edit

Si Una Vez

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