Selena Wikipedia's peer review process exposes articles to closer scrutiny from a broader group of editors, and is intended for high-quality articles that have already undergone extensive work, often as a way of preparing a selected article candidate. Anyone can request peer review. Users submitting a new request are encouraged to review an article from those already listed, and encourage reviewers by replying promptly and appreciatively to comments. Articles must be free of major cleanup banners. Please address issues raised in an unsuccessful SAC before opening a PR.

Peer reviews will remain open, depending on the reviewer(s). If the reviewer feels as though the article is at good standards, then they can close the reviewing process by stating it in bold text. However, an article's reviewing process cannot simply be closed if there is only one reviewer, a consensus must be decided if the article is ready. If the article is not ready, then others may add comments. In all, a nominated article up for review may only be allowed to be on PR for up to three weeks. If the nominator is not satisfied with their results, they can resubmit it after one week.

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