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"Ya Se Va" (English: There He Goes) was a song created by Jorge Antonio Ramirez, a close friend to Selena's father Abraham Quintanilla, Jr., who lived on the same street as the Quintanilla's called the "Molina Area" in Corpus Christi, Texas.[1] Ramirez started to write "Ya Se Va" before ever knowing Selena was in a band formed by her father. He found out when visiting the Quintanilla's during practice in 1983 and told Selena's father that he has a couple of songs that he wrote.

"Ya Se Va" was released as a vinyl single and EP in 1983. Later, "Ya Se Va" was included on Selena's debut album Selena y Los Dinos in 1984 on a minor label from Freedie Records (the album was re-released as Mis Primeras Grabaciones in 1995). Selena sung "Ya Se Va" anywhere her father would let them play since he was very strict and concerned about the band's image. Since it was released, radio stations gave very bad and hurtful comments about "Ya Se Va" in 1983-1985 and the record company told Selena's father that Selena needed more experience.

In 1990, Selena re-recorded the song with new beats under Mis Primeros Éxitos. "Ya Se Va" hasn't been released since after Mis Primeros Exitos in 1990.

Earlier recordingsEdit

There has been earlier recordings before "Ya Se Va" was released in 1983. Here are known released singles:.[2]

  • "No Puedo Estar Sin Ti" (1983)
  • "Dulces Suenos" (1982)
  • "Cien Libras de Arcilla" (1982)
  • "Se Acabo el Amor" (1982)


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